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Friday, 5 April 2013

Cutting Optimization Pro
Cutting Optimization Pro v5.9.5.5 | 3.09 MB

Cutting Optimization Pro is a software application used to obtain optimal cutting layouts for one (1D) and two (2D) dimensional pieces. The software also lets you to define and handle complex products, such as table, desk, cupboard, locker, book shelf … Cutting Optimization Pro can be used for cutting rectangular sheets made of glass, wood, woodworking, metal, furniture, or any other material used by industrial applications.
Cutting Optimization Pro can also be used for cutting linear pieces such as bars, pipes, tubes, steel bars, metal profiles, extrusions, tubes, lineal wood boards, etc and other linear materials.
Key Features:
· 1D and 2D optimization in the same program – you may use the program for both 2D and 1D optimization.
· Guillotine optimization – The cuttings are performed from one side to the other of the material. This feature is very useful for glass, wood, thermopan, …
· Non-guillotine (nested) optimization – The cutting machine can follow the shape of the material. In this case you need to have a complex machine based on laser or flame blade.
· Generates optimal cutting patterns.
· Any number of pieces in the REPOSITORY and DEMAND – virtually no limit for the number of pieces that you want to optimize.
· Any size less than 2 billion units- the size of the pieces is limited by the size of the data types introduced by the C++ language.
· Any measurement metric- The way in which you introduce the data is a general one. You don’t have to specify a metric. Just choose a metric in your mind and enter all data using that metric only.
· Adjustable cutting blade thickness- For glass cutting with diamond the cutting blade width is 0, but for wood, metal handling you need a saw blade with a greater width.
· Adjustable optimization level- One may specify how many layouts to be generated before the solution is outputted. If you don’t have too much time and you don’t have a good computer you may set the Optimization Level to a low level. This feature helps you to run your program on any kind of computer (from 486 to the best processors available today)
· Reduces panel waste and costs – By using the latest achievements in the field of Artificial Intelligence you may obtain reduce the waste by 15%.
· Grain direction control – useful for wood cutting optimisation.
· Automatic offcuts handling – the useful waste is automatically added to the Repository of materials.
· Vertical printing of the labels and edge bands – this will optimise and simplify your layout.
· Graphical display black-white and text mode of the obtained results.
· Printing the obtained layouts – on any printer.
· Printing multiple layouts on the same page – You may print 1, 2, 4 or 6 layouts on the same sheet of paper.
· Printing the REPOSITORY and the DEMAND of the customer – you may print the pieces that you want to optimize.
· The cuttings are shown in text format in order to use them with a CNC machine.
· Edge banding handling – the quantity and the type of material attached to the edges of the wood sheets is manipulated by the program.
· Computes / Prints the total cutting length.
· Possibility to define complex products such as table, desk, cupboard, locker, book shelf …
· Possibility to define types of materials (glass, wood, band).
· Automatic tool for computing the size of the pieces based on the external sizes of the product.
· Statistics related to the current cut / layout- At the end of the optimisation process you will have access to the: number of cuttings, cuttings definition (starting and ending point), number of waste rectangles, the waste rectangles (the coordinates of the top-left and bottom-right corners), number of utilized pieces, the placement of the utilized pieces, used surface, …
· Generates and prints adhesive labels -
· Load data from *.dbt (specific files), *.2d (Real Cut 2D files), *.xls (Excel files), *.xml (XML files) and *.1d (Real Cut 1D files).
· Automatically computing of the order price -
· The REPOSITORY and the DEMAND can be sorted – by using various criteria: Length, Width, Quantity, Type, Rotation, Labels
· Maximises productivity, saves time and money ….
· Data can be exported into very popular formats: Word, Excel, HTML and XML files.
· All panels and table’s columns are resizable – You may customize the workspace. The new positions are automatically stored.
· Very fast running time – Solutions are obtained within seconds.
· Optimization engines provided by Optimal Programs Cut 2D X and Cut 1D X components.
· Multiple options for buying the program – You may purchase the software for one computer only or for multiple computers. The range of prices is for every pocket.
· Interface in multiple languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.
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