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Thursday, 14 March 2013

TreeDBNotes Pro
TreeDBNotes Pro 4.32-01-11 | 13.13 MB

TreeDBNotes Pro – A powerful and very easy to use organizer with a hierarchical structure, which combines the functions of the database, organizer, contact manager and passwords, word processing, speech processing, alarm clock, reminders, and more drugogo.Dannaya program is ideal for storing notes , e-mail, images, links, documents, contacts, and passwords.
TreeDBNotes – has all the features of text formatting, which have MS Word, WordPad, as well as a tool for creating tables. It has an intuitive user-friendly customizable multilingual interface, including Russian.
Features TreeDBNotes:
- Manager notes, contacts, passwords, and icons.
-  Alarm.
- Encrypt and password protect any data.
- Support for HTML tables and Word.
- Tool screenshots.
- Ability to read and edit e-books.
- Password generator.
- Backup and restore atomaticheskogo.
- The search for records by multiple criteria, including a predetermined key words.
- The replacement of records, history records, etc.
- Insert file, link, image, time, date, html page.
- Import and export data in formats TXT, WRI, RTF, XLS, DOC, HTML, etc.
- Supports simultaneous operation of several organizers.
- The ability to insert files, links, dates, symbols, etc.
etc. and etc. ………
- Notes Manager
- Contacts Manager
- Passwords (Accounts) Manager
- Alarm and Reminders
- Unicode (Titles, Folders, Notes, Trees … See DEMO_PRO.treeDB – Unicode)
- eBook publishing (read, create your own stand-alone eBooks, free *. tdp e-Book reader) – Coming soon.
-  Import: KeyNote, TreePad, HTML, TreeDBNotes Notes Subtree files
- Export: Notes, Contacts, Passwords, Notes Subtree
- Icons Manager
- Scratch Pad
- Passwords generator
- Screen capture tools (Capture to file, Clipboard, Notes)
- Attachments (files)
- Database Encryption (Des, Blowfish …)
- Password protection: Trees, Folders
- Database tools: Backup, Autobackup, Restore, Compact, Repair, Statistics
- Convenient tree-structured form of notes representation
- Dynamic loading and saving – extremely saves system memory
- Fully configurable folders tree view (color, custom image for each note, background)
- Batch tree nodes edition (image, color) – multi select mode
- Global HotKey
- Minimize to System Tray (small icon near clock)
-  Minimize by Esc, by Close
- Default notes text: Empty, Date, Time, Clipboard, Template
- Text Styles
- Syntax highlight (Pascal, C + +, Asp, PHP, INI, ASM …)
- Common Phrases (Special codes: Date, Time, Clipboard, Cursor position)
- Dynamic Editor (Tables, Images)
- Bookmarks, Anchors
- Tools (Case, Selection, Unicode)
- Spell checker, Thesaurus
- Templates (Insert, Preview and Edit, rtf, rvf, txt).
- Support for HTML and MS Word tables
- Import Notes from *. txt, *. wri, *. rtf, *. csv, Excel, Word, *. html and more
- Export Notes to *. html, *. wri, *. csv, *. doc and more
- Recognition of MS Word formatted text from the clipboard
- Text drag & drop
-  No limits to note size or number of notes in notebook
- Copy, Paste – Notes Subtree
- Cut, Copy, Paste – Contacts and Passwords
- Cut, Copy, Paste – Folder
- Copy, Paste – Folder title
-  Link to Note, Anchors (See DEMO_PRO.treeDB – FAQ)
-  Link to Attachments (See DEMO_PRO.treeDB – Mobiles or Fonts)
-  Link to Contact (See DEMO_PRO.treeDB)
-  Link to Password (See DEMO_PRO.treeDB)
- Link to local file
- Web links (http:// …) and Email links (mailto :…)
Alarm and Reminders:
- Unlimited records and folders
- Week view
-  Month view
- Year view
-  Coming soon window
and more …

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