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Sunday, 24 March 2013

MONSTER HUNTER Dynamic Hunting IPA [iPhone/iPod Download]Simple but Deep!!
This is Dynamic Hunting!!
Experience Dynamic “Monster” battle by simple screen touch!

**Please Note**
“Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting” will only run on  3GS /  4, touch 3rd Gen or more with minimum iOS 4.1 or better.
Performance on iPad and iPad 2 are ,not guaranteed.
【Game Feature】 
*Simple touch control
Drag to “MOVE”, Tap to “ATTACK”, Flick to “SLASH ATTACK”.
Using two fingers to do EVADE and GUARD.
Using “EVADE” and “GUARD” quickly to counter attack the Monster!
*1 on 1 against Massively Huge Monster!
Player takes the role of a “Hunter” in a fantasy environment to Hunt down vicious Monster. Object of the game is to hunt down Monster in the given time limit.
Which out for Monster’s “DANGER” attack, evade quickly!
* Customize your Weapons and Armor!
After each quest completed player can acquire materials from the Monster. Using material player can customize your weapons and armor.
There will be 3 types of weapons (“SWORD and SHIELD”, “GREAT SWORD”, “DUAL SWORD”) to choose from.
Player can customize 40 different types of weapons and 13 different types of armors.
*Co-Operative Play via Bluetooth
Using Bluetooth, player can play up to two people.
If one player fail the quest but another player completed the quest both of the players can received quest materials.
※”Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting” supports Game Center.
※”Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting” is designed so that everyone can enjoy the new experience of Hunting specially designed for iPhone.
Please note that game feature is different from CS version of “Monster Hunter” series.
What’s New in Version 1.03.01
Minor bug fixes
Screenshots [Click to zoom in]
MONSTER HUNTER Dynamic Hunting IPA [iPhone/iPod Download]MONSTER HUNTER Dynamic Hunting IPA [iPhone/iPod Download]MONSTER HUNTER Dynamic Hunting IPA [iPhone/iPod Download]MONSTER HUNTER Dynamic Hunting IPA [iPhone/iPod Download]

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